Thank you for entrusting us, as cookie artists, to create a special set of cookies for you, right here in our San Francisco kitchen.


We’ve found that the most beautiful cookie sets include a range of sizes with varying levels of detail. Each set will include a mixture of different designs that complement each other to suit your theme.

COOKIE PACKAGES  *minimum 2 dozen*

Cookie package pricing is based on the highest level of detail.


“Basic” packages include cookies with similar colors and simple designs.


Mid-level “Deluxe” packages include some basic level cookies but also include more “detailed” cookies.


Highest-level “Elaborate” packages include everything in the “basic” and “deluxe” packages but adds on “elaborate” level detailed cookies.

Basic Package  |  $65USD/dozen.  ($1800 NTD)

VERY basic detail work. 1-2 basic shapes (no hand cutting - standard cutter shapes), 2-3 colors or consistencies to achieve design, Simple patterns

Deluxe package  |  $85USD/dozen.  ($2400 NTD)

Mid-level detail work. 1-4 shapes (no hand cutting), 2-5 colors or consistencies to achieve design, may include Airbrushing, Basic piped lettering

Elaborate package | $105USD/dozen.  ($3000 NTD)


High-end detail work. 1-5 shapes (includes specialty cutter shapes or cookies that may be hand-cut), Unlimited colors or consistencies to achieve design, Airbrushing, Calligraphy style lettering, Gold or Silver accents, Detailed icing dimension.

This package also allows for custom-design requests, like numbers, letters or personalization. (Almost all posted photos are “Elaborate” orders)




Please review past order photos to determine if our design style suits your taste. Although we often ask for color themes or sources of inspiration, final cookie design is dependent on our artistic preference.



The cookie artist community is small and close knit. Although we are happy to take inspiration from other cookies you like, we do NOT replicate cookies without the original artist’s permission.



Our production schedule is typically booked about 8 weeks in advance. May (graduation) and December (Christmas) can book up to 3-4 months in advance.  We do sometimes have last minute openings in the schedule though, so please ask!


It's NEVER too early to contact us to get your event on our calendar!

When you contact us, please let us know: 1) where you are located (local orders only), 2) the date of your event, 3) how many cookies

you need (by the dozen, minimum is 2 dozen), 4) which cookie package you would like, 5) the design theme / inspiration / colors

and we can get back to you with availability.



We accept payment via Cash, Check or PayPal.  Payment must be made at booking to secure your place in our production schedule.