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Join our Pre-Sale list and get access to our Cookie Sales before they go live on our website!

Holiday Pre-Sales are an opportunity to purchase custom cookies at different quantities, yet still receive the quality of cookies you'd receive in a custom order.


Pre-Sale options are always pre-packaged and usually include half dozen sets, mini sleeves and individual options. There is also usually a selection of adorable kid-sized cookie cards perfect for gifting at school.


Once the Pre-Sale goes "LIVE", you'll place your order here on the website. After the Pre-Sale time has closed, orders are baked and you can pickup your order at your chosen location in time for the holiday. 

Signing up for the Pre-Sale email alert is the best way to learn when a Pre-Sale is going to go "LIVE". You can also follow Noah's Sweets social media to see current "LIVE" sales, but joining our Pre-Sale list is the only way to get access to our Cookie Sales before they go "LIVE" to the public!



Flash Sales are short sales on already baked cookies. Once a Flash Sale is sold out, there are no remaining cookies and all holiday pre-sale and flash sales are over. Flash Sales are open for local pick ups only.


Flash Sale options include extra cookies from a previous pre-sale that are already baked and packaged. Once the Flash Sale goes "LIVE", you'll place your order here on the website and pickup in the timeframe specified.  

Following Noah's Sweets on social media is the best way to see when a flash sale is available.


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